heyy readers .. welkam to my blog :D hope korg enjoy kay .. sblm nk kuar tu follow2 la ye .. thanks u ols .. muahhh ckit :*

bes0k..eppyyy !!

u all want 2 know..why i am happy t0m0rr0w ???of c0z u all want 2 know rite???
ukea..i will tell u all....
firstly is...t0m0rr0w...7teen pupil in my class will attend a forum about " USAHAWAN "( x slp lha )
sec0ndly...we not attend 2 the class because..the forum will be till back...
thirdly..we will not be study...thats is n0t funn...:'(
but how..
we must attend that...
                                        THE END

( s0wy lha kal0 pronouns syer ta bt0l yer )
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